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Our Products

  • Stalk Punisher
  • Pivot Bridges – Long or Short Lengths
  • 2-Piece Bridges
  • Cattle Crossing Bridges
  • Walk Over Bridges
  • Pivot Stops
  • Irrigation Sheds
  • Hook Ups For Irrigation Wells
  • Skid-Steer Brush Bucket
  • Skid-Steer Trailer Mover Plates
  • Wood-Burning Stock Tank Heaters
  • Youngs Welding and Repair, Friend Nebraska
    Bail Spear

Stalk Punisher

Our one-of-a-kind Stalk Punisher saves tractor tires from wear and tear, helping to save money on expensive replacements tires. They are tractor mounted and can be used to prevent damage from corn stalk and bean stubble. The Stalk Punisher is the Best Machine to handle ditches, terraces, ravines, rough ground and has a center swivel system which allows it to hug the ground in all terrain.

Pivot Bridges

Pivot Stops

Irrigation Sheds

Youngs Welding and Repair Services, Friend Nebraska

Hook Ups For Irrigation Wells

Skid-Steer Trailer Mover Plates & Skid-Steer Brush Bucket

Loader Buckets

Wood Burning Stock Tank Heaters

Great for cattle and livestock tanks and open range farming. Helps prevent having to chop ice.